Thursday, 13 December 2012

OET Training

OET, is it the test of the medical knowledge or the test of the English language? How
can help nurses in enhancing their nursing career?

Today, nursing is the most revered profession which is opted by a number of people. This can be due to the fact that it offers more number of choices for the professionals who are looking for greater level of growth in career. There are myriad choices now for the nurses, they can either work in their own country, the city they have undergone a nursing course or they even have the option to work abroad (They can have the choice to bring a great deal of improvement in their profession by making use of the learning opportunities which they can get by working in one of the renowned hospitals or the health care centers abroad).

High rate of recruitment of the nurses:

There is always a shortage of the qualified nurses in health care industry. There are hospitals which recruit the most professional or the most qualified nurses who can work dedicatedly. Just think if you have a degree in nursing then you can have the choice to embark on life-changing opportunities.

Demand for the nurses has increased, why?

With the improvement / advancement in science and medical technology or with increasing level of awareness of health issues among general people or with the increase in number of hospitals or the health care centers, the demands for the qualified, experienced, talented and dedicated nurses has also been increased,. Now there are many hospitals or the aged care centers where there is a requirement of the nurses. Now nursing is a career which is easier to be adopted.

The only thing you need to know about and find is the best college which offers the best course in nursing. And after the completion of the nursing course, a little bit of practice somewhere in a hospital will be an added advantage before you make a move to work in any foreign country.

Nursing career in Australia:

To work as a nurse in Australia, it is necessary that you should be a qualified nurse. It will be necessary that you should have a good level of the English language. OET test is a test which will be necessary for you to get through and if you, by any chance, get failed at it then you will not be able to work as a nurse here in Australia. All your dreams will be shattered if you do not manage to get through this.

Is OET an English Test?

A common question that which is asked by a number of OET applicants is related to what exactly OET is. When you ask any expert who has experience in OET training then the answer you may expect to receive would surely be connected with the requirement of the English language. Yes, OET is a test of the language. In this test, there will be the assessment of the English language you know. It is just a common thing, if you are the one who is looking forward to find earn-and-learn opportunities in a county where English is an official language or where the use of the language is so very common (where the natives expect even you to communicate in English) then it would definitely become unavoidable for you to work there without knowing the language. So, what is it that we would like to suggest here is this that English is an official language in Australia and you are the one who is aiming to work in Australia as a medical practitioner then it is essential that you should know this language

OET can truly be called the test of the language. It is an examination where medical knowledge plays an important role too but still there is more stress on the amount of language you know.

The focus will be on all four major language modules.

Will this OET be same for all medical professionals?

Well, this OET will not be similar for all medical professionals. If you are a nurse then the question paper you will be getting will surely be a bit different from the question paper the other medical practitioners from different fields are getting. It would surely be different because OET question papers are framed keeping in mind the level of the knowledge of the professionals as well. Suppose, if there is a doctor who is applying for the test then there can be the passages which may match the applicant’s knowledge. Question papers related to OET for doctors would surely be different from the question paper related to OET for nurses (will be set on the basis of the knowledge of the professionals who are taking the test). OET is different for different

professionals or specialists or GPs or others such as Dentists, Nurses, Dieticians, Pharmacists, Vets, Physiotherapists, Radiographers etc.

Prepare for your OET:

If you are applying for OET then keep this in your mind that taking OET training is essential because if you do not take the training (be it offline or online) then you may not be able to get the score you desire. Join any suitable OET course online if you do not have any time to join any institution where you can get the chance to focus on OET preparation.

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

OET English Preparation Test In Melbourne, Australia

Is this a test which assesses the medical knowledge of the medical professionals? 

Well, a large number of medical professionals when they hear of OET Test or OET Training then the first question that comes up in their mind is this: “Is this test going to assess the medical knowledge I posses in my own field?” In simple words it can be said that this test is not meant to asses the medical knowledge of any of the test taker. This is purely for the purpose of the assessment of the English level. This is meant for the evaluation of the fluency of the English of those who are looking for a career in medical or health care industry in Australia.

SO, is it similar to other international English assessment tests like IELTS / IELTS etc?

Well, it can not be said that they are similar to these tests. No. This test is different than IELTS and TOEFL because in OET English test the content of the test (on which the questions are based) will be dealing with the medical topics or health related topics suitable for the professionals like nurses, technicians, dentists, doctors etc.

This test, like many of the other international tests which are meant to evaluate the proficiency level of English in applicants, also has four modules. They are:

  • Reading test 
  • Writing test
  • Speaking test 
  • Listening test 

The test taker will have to score at least grade B in all of the modules in order to be able to get through or qualified in this test. The time duration for the test would be 3 hours. Interesting thing is this test is conducted for 6 times in many locations across the globe. There are about 40 locations from where you can have the chance to take this test and be qualified to work in Australia as a medical professional.